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How State of K Works

Ask an empirical question.
An empirical question is a question that can be answered by collecting and analyzing data.

Answers to an empirical question often differ because these are different ways of measuring the thing you are interested in.


This is an empirical question because you can measure when sanctions are imposed and you can measure changes in the human rights situation. But these changes can be measured in different ways. For example, you could look for the passing of new civil rights laws, or better compliance with existing law, or surveys on attitudes towards human rights, etc. Different measurements may yield different answers. This is not an empirical question. State of K isn't for these questions.

Create a list of all studies examining that question.
In minutes.
The best available answer to an empirical question is a synthesis of all the studies on that question. But gathering those studies can be tedious.
Our dead simple interface uses machine learning to show you potentially relevant studies one at a time. Your feedback improves our recommendations, allowing you to complete a list in minutes.
Manually add new articles (such as your latest piece) or any other studies you know of that our algorithms missed.
Title of StudySummary of Study
Publication Year
Examines my Question Skip / Not relevant

Study I added to my list
Study I added to my list
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Understand all the studies you gathered.
In seconds.
Once you create a list of studies our algorithms and community members work together to help you make sense of the literature and get you the best available answer.
Plain English summary of all studies
Key studies & literature reviews highlighted
Criticisms of studies identified
Conflicts of interest noted

Search thousands of question lists created by members.
All lists are public and searchable. You never have to duplicate the work that others put into researching a question.
Do economic sanctions improve human rights?
Do economic sanctions reduce trade?
Do economic sanctions destabilize governments?
Do economic sanctions harm the sanctioning country?
What motivates governments to impose economic sanctions?

Stay up to date
with minimal effort.
Our algorithms recommend newly published (or previously missing) articles to be added to a list. Recommendations appears on each list page.
Once a new study is added to a list, portions of the narrative summary update automatically.

We think this recently published study may directly examine the question in this list. Should we consider adding this study to this list?
Title of StudySummary of Study
Publication Year
Yes, add it No, not relevant

Engage constructively.
Too many forums devolve into shouting matches. We have a more constructive way to engage.
Researchers and laypersons alike can submit questions they want readers of a given question list to consider.
Any interested researcher can later use our tools to generate a list of studies on that question.
In this way, everyone can help advance the state of our knowledge.
Say you find a question list for:

Do voter ID laws reduce voter fraud?

If you are skeptical of such laws, submit:

Do voter ID laws reduce voter turnout among citizens?

If you are worried about voter fraud, submit:

How prevalent is voter fraud?

If you are neutral, but curious, submit:

Do voter ID laws increase trust in democracy?

Once a researcher creates a list of studies on your question, that question will appear on the sidebar when someone reads the original voter fraud question.

Supercharge your influence.
We promote State of K among distinguished scholars and decision-makers, and to the public at large. We aim to become the world's go-to place for answers to empirical questions.
Whether you are an established researcher or emerging scholar, State of K gives you plenty of ways to promote your expertise.
Quality studies are featured prominently
Promote your name when you edit lists
Identify popular questions that are underresearched

Sample Question Lists

Does granting legal status to illegal immigrants reduce their likelihood of committing crime?
4 Studies

What is the impact of refugees on the wages of competing native workers?
16 Studies
Does immigration lead to more innovation?
18 Studies
Do illegal immigrants commit more crime than native-born Americans?
6 Studies
Do legal immigrants commit more crime than native-born Americans?
49 Studies
Does deporting undocumented immigrants reduce crime?
4 Studies

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