What is the financial cost of implementing voter ID laws?

Last updated: February 16, 2022

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Revealed: US spends millions of taxpayer dollars on ineffective voting restrictions
"Restrictive “voter identification” laws pushed by Republicans, and widely regarded to be ineffective and discriminatory, have cost taxpayers at least $36m in just a few states, the Guardian can reveal."
Spenser Mestel
2020 The Guardian
Costs of Voter Identification
"Like all legislation, strict voter identification (ID) laws come with costs.Strict voter ID laws require a voterwho does not have the required ID tovote on a provisional ballot. Thatballot will not be counted unless thevoter returns to an elections officewithin a few days of the election toshow the required ID. Costs associated with these laws are generallyhigher than for less strict voter IDlaws.Costs are among the primary factorsthat lawmakers — and voters —consider when evaluating legislativeproposals. This overview is intendedto help legislators assess the potential expenses that might accompanynew voter ID laws. In it we answer: What types of costs could legislatorsand administrators expect to see?Are these costs one-time expenditures or will they recur witheach election? How and why might cost estimates for the same law differfrom each other? Who bears the costs of implementing a new ID law?"
Karen Shanton
2014 National Conference of State Legislatures